Company Profile

8Alert is a privately held company that was founded in order to simplify the process of trading by addressing the following issues: Information overload – There are too many trading-related services, including free/fee websites, forums and social networks. One source says up while the other says down. This is very confusing. Disorganized information – The information in many sources is very hard to follow. For instance, since no message remains in the same location more than a couple of minutes in social networks and leading financial news websites, it’s often nearly impossible to look back and find the same critical information. Reduced performance –Since Traders are overloaded with disorganized information, they cannot open or close a position within the needed seconds to achieve optimal performance. 8Alert is comprised of financial and hi-tech experts. These two divisions work closely together to bring the best solutions to the market and to continuously improve 8Alert’s smart platform. 8Alert’s financial division is comprised highly successful financial analysis experts and is dedicated to determining what really ‘works’ in the overall financial market.8Alert’s technology division is comprised of hi-tech experts that implement the needs defined by the financial division for the benefit and success of our clients.

Our Vision

8Alert Ltd., a private company, was established to help simplify trading. The company brings to users in real time all the information needed to make a decision and to trade in the global capital market.
The company’s vision is to erase the line separating experienced players in the global capital market from ordinary households worldwide.
The 8Alert system is easy to understand. It is suitable both for professional traders and novices, including individuals working from their homes. Now every household can use simple tools, available in every home (computer, smartphone, and an Internet connection), to develop a second career and begin making money by trading on the global capital market.

Why is it difficult to trade?


In trading, information is everything.
The amount of information available in all areas and on all matters is stupendous and beyond estimation. Even information ostensibly not classified as economic is relevant to investment and can affect the capital market substantially. At the same time, it is not always obvious how information that belongs clearly in the economic field can affect the capital market, to what extent, and in what direction. For example, what is the effect of such economic news as “Gold has been discovered in Australia?” Is it going to affect the price of gold or the strength of the Australian currency? Is it the price of gold that will be affected first, and the Australian currency later, the other way around, or both simultaneously? What is the time frame within which such news is relevant? There is no end to these questions: which information to consider, how difficult is it to make correct use of the information, and how much experience is required to do it?

Technology and technological aids

To transact profitable trades, one needs access to a range of technological aids, or in professional lingo, to a “trading room.” In a traditional trading room an array of computers displays market parameters in a variety of formats, at different time slices, together with important indicators, current information from news reports, and more.
The current situation: Signals vs. objective and professional information
Various information services are available on the market, some free, others for pay. Usually, brokers provide “signaling” free of charge as part of their general services. Most brokers are interested in the users losing money.
8Alert is not affiliated with any broker or other economic entity, and we are interested in the user making money because this is our occupation and the source of our income.
Therefore, we do not provide an automatic connection for carrying out transactions in the market; rather, we enable our customers to choose their preferred broker.